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Inclined Baby Sleeper: Dangerous for Infants

"Even if you love holding your babe as much as possible, the time comes when you need your hands for something else. (And not every moment of the day calls for baby wearing, either.)

So, parents are often happy for bouncers, jumpers, and swings that can give them a safe place to put their child so they can grab a bite to eat or just rest for a minute.

However, many parents may not be aware that letting their little one snooze in an inclined position can be dangerous.

Reputable medical organizations continue to warn against the dangers of letting young infants sleep in an inclined position and a reliance on baby products known as inclined sleepers."

Here’s why. (Link to full article which covers these topics: What they are, Dangers, Deaths, Why they are still sold, and Safe sleep.)

Always use Safe Sleep Practices!

Putting your baby to bed should follow the ABCs:

  • alone

  • flat on their back

  • in a crib that’s free from soft items that could cause suffocation (comforters, baby bumpers, blankets, toys)

The main features you should remember:

  • Your baby should be put to bed in comfortable clothing that keeps them warm but doesn’t increase the risk of overheating.

  • Always put them to sleep on their back on a firm surface such as a crib mattress covered with a fitted sheet.

  • Ensure that the crib is empty and doesn’t have soft or loose objects like bedding, toys, and crib bumpers that could pose a suffocation risk.


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