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What is our Patient Portal?

Our Patient Portal provides convenient 24-7 access from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.  You can view your child’s appointment history, send messages to our office, view and complete forms prior to your visit, view clinical summaries of your child’s office visit and more​. When you click "Log in," it will automatically link you to the Secure Server, Patient Portal, and open a new page.


How do I sign up?

To obtain the required Authentication Code for your child, please contact our office during normal business hours by calling 941-955-5191. Leave a message with a telephone number where you can be reached, the child’s name and date of birth.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible. This information may also be obtained at your next visit to our office.

After you receive your child's Authentication Code, you will need an email account for your child or one for each child in our Practice. There are benefits beyond the obvious security it will provide.


One huge benefit that a Gmail or equivalent email host provides is a free storage space for photos or other things like letters to your child. For example, you can save up to 15GB of photos or documents within a Gmail server for free. You can save notes and send emails to your child's email and turn it over to them on their 18th Birthday as a time capsule. 

Once you have everything you need, click the "Log In" button and follow the instructions.


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