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Appointment Scheduling Update

Tomorrow, you will see this sign on the door to announce the latest updates to our Coronavirus Office Procedures.

We will be adding in more "Sick Appointment" slots into our schedule starting Monday, May 4th 2020. Our "Walk-In" clinic will be limited to 8am-8:20am. Please, wait in your car and call the office from there. For your safety and others, do not congregate in the waiting rooms.

Our Providers will go back to their regular schedules starting that same day.

All other Coronavirus Office Procedures will remain in effect. (See excerpt from our Blog post "Updated Office Procedure for COVID-19 March 24, 2020" below).


"We are asking that all families upon arrival remain in their vehicles and contact our office by phone. (941 955-5191).

A front staff receptionist will confirm your appointment, request you email your insurance card and will collect your visits payment.


A nurse will come out to your vehicle and place you in an exam room immediately. We are not encouraging families to gather in the waiting room areas.

Unfortunately, if you feel your child has COVID-19 symptoms, there is nothing that we are able to do, (including testing) and recommend that you contact one of the following:

1. Sarasota County 941 861-2883 2. Manatee County 941 242-6649 3. Department of Health 866 779-6121

We are encouraging families to reschedule physical exams and evaluations for children over 3-years of age.

We have Telemedicine consults available for some concerns, such as, ADHD medication refills. You will need an iPad, phone and or computer that has a camera.

Please contact us for more details. (941-955-5191)"

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